Sealco's Values

Employees First

One of the “Ronisms” (nuggets of wisdom from our founder, Ron Miglini) emblazoned on a wall here at Sealco is: “Sealco exists because of its employees.” Without well-trained, engaged, fulfilled employees who truly care about what they do, we can’t have satisfied customers. By making the development, training, growth, and success of our employees top priorities, Sealco has achieved a customer Net Promoter Score of 95 that is the envy not only of our industry, but of any industry.

Do The Right Thing

Sealco’s nearly 40 years of success is certainly a testament to the quality and value our customers place in our services and products. Equally as important, however, is the character of our employees and the over-arching belief that we must do the right thing—always. In all our dealings with our clients and employees, we strive for complete honesty, integrity, mutual respect, and professionalism.

Deliver Outstanding Results

Sealco is not—nor will it ever be—the lowest-cost solution. Our focus has always been on delivering the best results at the best value. Whether it be data center or cleanroom cleaning, hot or cold aisle containment, or data center products, our customers keep coming back again and again because they know we will make them look really, really good for choosing Sealco. The cleanliness of their facilities, the effectiveness of Sealco’s AirSeal bypass airflow containment, and the reliability of our products has earned us the lasting trust of our clients.