Company History

When Ron Miglini first founded Sealco® in 1984, he started out sealing concrete floors in new data center spaces before the raised flooring went in. One day, when Ron showed up to look at a sealing job for a large Texas technology company, a man dressed in a suit approached him and said, “Can I help you?” When Ron told him why he was there, the man, Ed, asked him, “Do you clean floors too?” When Ron asked the executive about his needs, he learned that company required that the raised floor areas—both above and below the raised floor—be thoroughly cleaned before the company’s new computer equipment arrived. Ed had not been happy with the results—both in terms of quality and time—of the efforts of other folks so far. Ron said to the Ed, “Sir, you tell me what you want and by when and I’ll get it done.”

Ed was so amazed by the results of Sealco’s cleaning that he had Sealco clean the floors (above and below) two more times during construction before the computer equipment arrived. In fact, Sealco continued to provide on-going maintenance cleaning of that data center until it closed some 25 years later. That commitment to listening to customers’ needs and exceeding their desired results in terms of quality and time have been the hallmarks of Sealco services ever since. Over the years, we’ve added specialized cleaning of clean rooms, a number of specialty data center products, and Sealco’s own AirSeal® bypass airflow containment systems. Originally started in Dallas, TX where our headquarters is today, we now have locations in Atlanta and Houston and serve customers throughout the US and abroad.